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about us

About company

JSC „Tandemus“ has been established on the 13th of March, 1996 in Varėna. In the first year of its existence the company was engaged only in a wholesale trade of forest mushrooms and berries.In 1997 the manufacture of wooden baskets and boxes for packing of mushrooms, berries, fruits, vegetables, bread and other food products was started.

The main activities of our enterprise are:

- Purchasing, processing and realization of fresh mushrooms, berries, fruits and vegetables;
- Frozen mushrooms, berries, vegetables processing, packing, wholesale trade;
- Dried mushrooms, berries, vegetables processing, packing, wholesale trade;
- Production of wooden package;

Developing its business our enterprise is constantly taking care of the quality and its complience with the highest requirements of the customers, analyses the influence upon the environment and expands the activity so, that to maintain clean natural environment and to retain biological variety. JSC „Tandemus“ is certified as follows: the Quality Management System acc. to LST EN ISO 9001:2015.

In order to enlarge the covered market part and to remain competitive, our enterprise is aiming to improve the quality of production by modernizing industrial processes, implanting innovations and enlarging productivity and industrial capabilities. Thanks to the innovative  industrial base JSC „Tandemus“ is able to offer the qualitative products for the competitive price. It motivates consumers to choose the products of our company and at the same time the base of loyal suppliers and buyers is being widened.

Basically our production is realized in Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. We buy raw material from all teritory of Lithuania, from Latvia and CIS countries. Geographically wide suppliers base ensures the constant supply of raw material. All raw material suppliers are established in ecologically clean regions.

The stability of JSC „Tandemus“ is ensured by activity-experience and extensive cooperation with business partners.

JSC "Tandemus" undertakes not to violate the legislation of the legal person activities.

The enterprise doesn't have and didn't have any subsidiary or associated enterprise.

Quality, flexibility and reliability are our priorities.

Professionalism, efficiency, inovations and responsibility are our main values.


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Wooden packaging

Our aspen wood chip baskets come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are suitable for packaging and storing food. They are sewn with rustproof metal wire or thread. The baskets are reusable and can be used for shopping at the grocery store or market.

fresh champignons

New products

Fresh champignons, frozen vegetables, fruits

From the 1st of November, 2014, JSC "Tandemus" starts a retail and wholesale trade of fresh champignons, frozen vegetables and fruits.