Dried and brined production

dried mushrooms


Mushrooms for drying are selected very carefully. Some of them are cut, others are dried whole.

Mushrooms are being dried in electric dryers and packed according to buyers‘ requests.

Being dried immediatelly after picking, mushrooms retain their aroma and natural colour.

Products have to be washed and heat-treated before consumption.

Brined mushrooms are heat-treated and sorted according to sizes and quality, so that to comply with our customers‘ requirements.

Chanterelles (lot. Cantharellus cibarius) dried, cut, whole 01-12 month carton box 24 months dried chanterelles
Ceps (lot. Boletus edulis) dried, sliced 01-12 month carton box 24 months dried ceps
Bay boletus (lot. Xerocomus badius) dried, sliced 01-12 month carton box 24 months dried bay boletus
Champignons (lot. Agaricus bisporus) dried, sliced 01-12 month carton box 24 months dried champignons
Chanterelles (lot. Cantharellus cibarius) brined, uncalibrated 01-12 month plastic drum 12 months brined chanterelles
Tandemus - Dried and brined production


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